Prevention of severe constipation

severe constipationEnemas are used in acute severe constipation arising after different surgical interventions, with infectious diseases, poisoning, myocardial infarction, and other urgent situations.

With severe constipation and drug use candles, but the use of candles with laxatives should not be prolonged. After prolonged use, may be signs of irritation of the rectum.

Useful in the treatment of severe constipation inclusion in the medical complex drugs that normalize bowel movements. For severe constipation  severe constipationwith increased contractile activity of the intestines, in the presence of spastic phenomena are effective tools that cause relaxation of muscles of the intestine and helps to eliminate its spasm: papaverine, Duspatalin, no-spa.

For severe constipation using various methods of physical therapy: faradization abdomen, electroplating, UV radiation, etc. In patients with increased contractile activity of the intestine some physical therapy can cause increased pain in the abdomen.

With severe constipation effectively used as sorbitol (sorbitol) which is a sweetener and is used widely in the food industry. Doses higher than 45-50 grams of sorbitol cause a strong laxative effect and flatulence. Doses of 30-45 grams of lead to flatulence and promote motility of the digestive tract and fight severe constipation.

severe constipationPrevention of severe constipation.

Are important measures aimed at preventing severe chronic severe constipation.

Acute severe constipation often occur in acute infectious diseases. They contribute to the emergence of light diet, the diet that contains a small amount of fiber, bed rest, and toxic substances produced by infectious agents, in the intestines. Prevent severe constipation in acute infections can be enough fluid intake, the inclusion in the diet of pureed vegetables, fruits, compotes, fruit juices, dairy products.

Acute severe constipation often occur in patients with severe diseases of the cardiovascular system, complying with prolonged bed rest. Reducing the time of bed rest is not contrary to modern ideas about the treatment of these diseases and reduces the risk of severe constipation and their transition into chronic.

In the treatment of severe constipation should not be neglected herbs. Contained in the herbal active compounds in their natural ratios of long-term use may have a more physiologic effect than their individual ingredients in patented medicines. For herbs, providing laxative action are:

platanoides leaf senna (cassia platanoides, senna)
olhovidnoy buckthorn bark,
fruit zhostera (Rhamnus cathartica)
rhubarb Caves,
Laminaria saccharina (seaweed),
root and rhizome of licorice,
dill herb kitchen garden,
roots of sorrel horse,
agave leaves,
Highlander pochechuynogo stems,
stems centaury,
roots harrow the field, etc.

Since severe constipation is often a bloating, the useful reception carminative herbs. Have this property chamomile flower baskets, grass Horticultural dill, caraway fruit, root dawns drug.